The Crew

Gaëtan Vandenplas: (AKA “El Jeffe”)

Gaetan Foto

This is Gaëtan Vandenplas, economist, teacher, hobby cook, volunteer, coach and mentor. He believes in a pluralistic approach and is on the look out for projects which can contribute to a more sustainable world.

” Wowfood is a creative project where you look together for new ways of countering food waste by discovering new cooking or preserving techniques, recipes, networking, … .”


Rubis De Smet: (AKA “l’Alchimiste”)

Rubis Foto

This is Rubis De Smet, project manager by day, (mad) kitchen scientist by night. Ex-bartender, ex-locksmith, volunteer, hobby cook, history geek, … .
He believes that you can never say that something is impossible until you’ve tried it.

“Wowfood is my creative side: using vegetables that people would not look at because they have some spots or dents in them and making something delicious with it …
It feels great!”


Lilli Moralis: (AKA ” Lille Sister”) 


This is Lilli Moralis. She is a student of economic sciences, a volunteer, bartender, the person that will tell you about the water loss that goes into the production of a steak when going over the menu, … .
With a love for cooking and a passion to try and make this world a bit better, she ended up in wowfood’s kitchen.


“Wowfood gives me the opportunity to learn more skills, to be creative and to giveback. All of this in a conscious and sustainable manner!”