Waste or wasted? That is the question…

Wow Food Belgium VZW – Waste or wasted?

Wow Food Belgium is a cooking collective who focuses on reducing food waste at a local level. We rent our services to organizations who organize informative weekends, multiple day gatherings or in-house trainings.

Our philosophy:

Using food surplus is part of a larger picture of giving a positive, creative way of making our world more sustainable. Wow Food Belgium believes in an holistic approach to tackle food waste.  Therefore we strive to work together with other organizations and individuals who believe we need to change our habits in order to have a future.

An important part of our mission is to inform people, not only making them aware that there is a problem, but also providing some solutions. Our organization wants to encourage people to reduce food waste in whatever way is meaningful for them.

Our policy:

Wow Food Belgium is aware the impact of CO² has on the global system. Therefore we have a 3 step approach for acquiring the ingredients for our meals.

We have a network of suppliers and locations where we can buy the food that otherwise would go to waste. In case the food surplus cannot cover all our needs for ingredients we look for local alternatives (farmers, local products) first and otherwise buy organic products.

Our offer:

Wow Food Belgium offers different formulas. Here are some examples:

  • We cook together with your volunteers and give them tips and tricks about how to reduce food waste.
  • We provide a team to cook for you and provide all the ingredients to cook with for the event.
  • We provide a team to cook for you, provide all the ingredients to cook with for the event and give a workshop during the event.

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